🌊🌍 Together, let's change the course of history! Join My Better Way's mission to say goodbye to single-use plastic that pollutes our precious oceans. 🐬✨

Imagine yourself walking along a pristine beach, the waves gently lapping the shore. But instead of feeling the sand beneath your feet, the beach is littered with trash... a cruel reminder of our impact on the planet. We can do better, we must do better!

I'm Julie and my story begins with a dream of sparkling seas and thriving sea creatures. Together we can weave a new reality. Every choice counts, every action counts.

Every time you refuse single-use plastic, you write a new chapter towards a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future!

Born following an inspiring trip to Australia during the global health crisis, My Better Way aims to support you in your journey towards less waste, in order to participate in reducing pollution, by simply doing better with less.

After a career in international sourcing, I decided to use my professional skills to find and promote the best eco-responsible innovations made in France, to support our French companies while making a gesture for the planet.

​I share on my blog tips and advice for more reasoned and healthier consumption, both for yourself and for the environment. And you will find on the online store my sustainable alternatives for every daily need, as well as a responsible range of responsible souvenirs from Camargue, the region of my birth and my heart!

All the products you will find here are carefully tested and selected to guarantee effectiveness, pleasure of use and customer satisfaction.

By joining the My Better Way community, you are part of the change!
My Better Way is your Better Way 😊