LFC Indoor Compost Kit

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Compost your food waste easily with the LFC Compost Kit

The LFC Compost Kit is much more than a simple indoor composter, it is an invitation to revolutionize your lifestyle by adopting eco-responsible practices. Thanks to this ingenious kit, you can finally recycle your food waste in a simple and efficient way, even if you live in an apartment, without a balcony or garden.

  • Effortless Composting : The LFC Compost Kit simplifies the transformation of your food waste into fertile soil for your plants and your garden. With the help of natural micro-organisms, this kit allows you to drastically reduce your household waste while creating an environment conducive to the growth of your plants.

  • Eco-Responsible Lifestyle : By adopting composting, you actively participate in the preservation of our planet. Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding food waste and producing your own natural fertilizer.

  • No Unpleasant Odors : Don't worry about bad odors! The LFC Compost Kit is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving your interior fresh and pleasant.

Recover 300 to 400g of organic waste per day

Impressive composting potential

You will be amazed at the ability of the LFC Compost Kit to handle a large amount of organic waste every day. With the capacity to recycle up to 400g of food waste, you can say goodbye to waste and hello to a thriving garden.

  • High Yield : Transform your peelings, meal scraps and organic waste into black gold for your garden. The LFC Compost Kit is your ally to maximize compost production.

  • Save Money : By producing your own compost, you will reduce your expenses on fertilizer and trash bags. You will save money while taking care of nature.

  • An Ecological Action in Everyday Life : Reduce your environmental impact by adopting a simple but powerful habit. Every gesture counts for a greener future.

Compost with complete peace of mind, in an apartment or outside, without odor

A versatile composter

The LFC Compost Kit adapts to your lifestyle. Whether you have an outdoor space or live in an apartment, this versatile composter allows you to practice composting without constraints.

  • Suitable for All Situations : Whether you have a garden or a balcony, this kit is designed to meet your needs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, adapting perfectly to your environment.

  • Zero Odor, Zero Insects : Forget worries about unpleasant odors and unwanted insects. The LFC Compost Kit is designed to eliminate these problems, providing a worry-free composting experience.

  • Made in France : Opt for quality and durability. This product is made in France, guaranteeing a high level of manufacturing and compliance with environmental standards.


A main bag with a zipper specially designed for good insulation which avoids attracting insects, and perfectly waterproof to prevent rainwater from penetrating when used outdoors.

A reusable inner bag, which can be folded up and used as a flower box.

The bags (main and interior) are made of felt fabric made from GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified recycled material.

Compost substrates made from a 100% natural and organic mixture that prevents bad odors and accelerates the decomposition of food waste.

Place the inner bag into the main zipper bag, then add the compost substrate. Place the whole thing on a support for better ventilation.

Add 300 to 400g of food waste per day for 1 to 2 months. Leave to ripen for 3 weeks without adding waste. Add a little water and stir 3 times a week.

Use the compost obtained as fertilizer in addition to your gardening soil.

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