Adopter le Zéro Déchet: Gestes Concrets et Alternatives Durables

Adopting Zero Waste: Concrete Actions and Sustainable Alternatives

Mar 30, 2024Julie VIDALE

On March 30, International Zero Waste Day, it is more crucial than ever to be aware of the urgency of the situation. Plastic pollution is gaining ground day after day, and it is becoming essential to adopt concrete actions to reverse this trend. We consume too much and we don't always know how to effectively recycle our waste. Faced with this alarming observation, zero waste stands out as an essential solution to reduce our ecological footprint. This is why at My Better Way it is important to me to support you by offering you eco-responsible French alternatives that are both sustainable and effective, for the home and hygiene.

1. Understanding Zero Waste:

Zero waste is much more than just a trend. It is a true way of life based on the drastic reduction of waste produced on a daily basis. By adopting simple actions and showing creativity, everyone can contribute to this process to preserve our planet.

2. The Challenges of Waste and Recycling:

Food waste and the proliferation of plastic waste constitute major challenges for our society. It is urgent to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and to rethink our way of consuming to limit our impact on the environment.

3. Sustainable Alternatives to Everyday Life:

My Better Way offers a wide range of ecological and plastic-free products, made in France by local artisans.

Zero waste in the kitchen:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

And if possible French: we get into cooking and abandon processed products, which are over-packaged, sometimes expensive, and often bad for your health.

Reusable food packaging

Beewrap replaces cellophane, which we never manage to unroll and which we throw away 2 minutes later. It is a piece of cotton fabric coated with beeswax which adapts to any type of support for storing food leftovers in the fridge, or wrapping a sandwich for example.

Make your cleaning products

With simple and inexpensive products like Marseille soap and white vinegar.

Replace the plastic sponge

Nest for bacteria, we opt for a wooden dishwashing brush or a washable sponge.

The activated charcoal stick

It allows you to filter tap water simply by letting it act in the carafe of tap water, thus eliminating plastic bottles and benefiting from better quality water. You can also add ceramic beads to the reservoir of the coffee maker to prevent scale deposits.

The composter

Since January 2024, the Bio Waste law has required us to compost our food waste. It is essential to invest in a solution adapted to your home to recycle your green waste, rather than letting it rot in a household trash can which will leak and smell. bad. There are solutions for indoors, without odor or insects, really practical.

In the Bathroom:

Washable wipes

A set of 7 wipes replaces the use of more than 1000 disposable cotton pads to remove makeup or clean your face.

Superfatted soap and solid shampoo

Solid products make it possible to eliminate plastic bottles which are mainly composed of water, and often contain agents harmful to health and the environment.

Chewable toothpaste

It's a simple and fun way to brush your teeth, you only need one tablet per brushing for eco-friendly dental hygiene... plus the kids love it!

Natural makeup

If you like to wear makeup, you should read the labels carefully to choose non-toxic products with natural compositions, especially for nail polishes, and you should favor returnable and/or reusable plastic-free containers.

4. Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle:

By favoring sustainable and reusable alternatives, everyone can help reduce their amount of waste and preserve the environment.

Contrary to what we think, very often, this type of product is much more economical because once the product is purchased, it lasts longer, since we need less or will reuse it.

5. The Importance of Supporting Local Initiatives:

By promoting French products and supporting local artisans, My Better Way participates in the circular economy and reduces the carbon footprint of its products. This approach is part of a desire to promote responsible and environmentally friendly consumption. So by choosing My Better Way, you support these same initiatives and values.

Faced with the current ecological crisis, it is imperative to act quickly and collectively. Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle and supporting local initiatives are small, concrete actions that we can all implement to preserve our planet. By reducing our consumption and favoring sustainable alternatives, we can help build a more environmentally friendly future for future generations.

Thank you for taking the time to read me. If you liked this article, I invite you to share it with your loved ones for even more impact!

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