Compost substrate for Toiro kit

Felt inner bag

Have you already filled your Toiro indoor compost kit?

Remember to age the mixture for 3 weeks, moistening regularly to activate the micro-organisms and accelerate the decomposition process to transform your organic waste into fertile soil for your indoor plants or your garden.

It is time to restart the process, with a new compost substrate, to compost 300 to 400g of food scraps per day.

The compost substrate is a 100% natural and organic mixture, based on coconut fiber and charcoal which prevents bad odors and accelerates the decomposition of organic waste, without the appearance of insects.

This kit, made in France, allows you to compost in an apartment with ease.

It is the ideal ecological solution when you do not have an outdoor space.

Its designer appearance fits perfectly into your kitchen decor.

Transforming kitchen leftovers into compost means drastically reducing the amount of household waste!


Biochar and coconut fiber

3.5 kg bag (15L)

Fill the inner bag with 2/3 of the substrate then add the rest after a month of use.

Add 300 to 400g of food waste per day for 1 to 2 months. Leave to ripen for 3 weeks without adding waste. Add a little water and stir 3 times a week.

Use the compost obtained as fertilizer in addition to your gardening soil.

Repeat the operation with a new bag of substrate.

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