Escurette - Ecofriendly and reusable Q Tip


Let's change our hygiene and care routine, by adopting the right accessories, the Escurette is the ecological and historical alternative to the cotton swab, healthier and more respectful of the environment.

Let's start by reducing our daily waste with the ecological ear pick made in France, from the Escurette brand. It is the best eco-responsible alternative to say goodbye to the classic cotton swab.

An eco-friendly way to keep ears clean

An essential accessory in our bathroom, the ecological ear pick is precisely designed to effectively meet our needs and requirements. It is a high-performance oriculi, made with French wood and equipped with a medical stainless steel head. Practical and durable, the ecological ear pick will serve you for a very long time, allowing you to save on the purchase of disposable cotton swabs.

Environmental impact

As a reminder, the sale of plastic cotton swabs has been banned in France since January 2020. A real scourge for the planet, we consume around 1.2 million swabs each year. This waste constitutes the primary source of ocean pollution. Also, using an ecological ear pick is not just a simple consumption habit. It is also a commitment to save the planet and all living beings in water and the sea.

More profits

Made in Brittany by a family business, the Escurette ear pick is an essential bathroom asset. Easy to use, it is suitable for the whole family, and ensures good use for hygiene.

In addition, the Escurette ear pick is washable and reusable for life. It also has the great advantage of being zero waste.

Several colors to choose from: Natural Wood, Ebony Black, Pink or Light Blue.


<p>Ear cleaner approximately 8 cm</p>

<p> Shovel made of 316l medical stainless steel</p>

<p> Handle and cap turned from Hornbeam wood. Origin France, PEFC certified</p>

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